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Always At Your Service

Established in 1989, Emerald Lawn and Landscaping has provided exceptional professional property management services to include insect control and lawn disease management in addition to the normal mowing, trimming, edging, and landscaping services others provide. 


Snow and ice are liabilities to every company.  No one plans to have someone slip and fall on their sidewalk, yet it happens to thousands of companies every year.  Emerald Lawn and Landscape provides timely,  professional snow removal and ice remediation/clearing for your walkways and parking lots. 


But Wait, There's More!!  We also provide emergency services, disaster preparedness and recovery, irrigation system repair, dark site monitoring, tree trimming and removal, and clean up after storms.  This is accomplished through a HYBRID service model in which we self-perform many services and can always dispatch our own team in the event of emergencies.

First Impressions Matter

Our dedicated teams make sure your site has it's best foot forward with freshly trimmed grass, edged sidewalks clear of messy lawn clippings, tidy flower beds, and trimmed bushes, trees, and shrubs.  From the moment a customer or perspective customer sees your site, they will feel reassured that your company cares and pays attention to detail earning a little bit of trust from them before they even get through your doors.

In winter months, ensure customer safety with promptly plowed and salted driveways and parking lots, shoveled and salted walkways, and constant monitoring of conditions to ensure additional maintenance is performed as necessary.

Give Us Your Headaches!!!

Your job hasn't gotten any easier.  You're expected to do more with less and when the phone rings you cringe knowing someone is probably on the other end ready to complain about something.  When you work with Emerald Lawn and Landscaping, you have dedicated state reps and quality control teams that make sure work is being done not only on-time but to the standards that you expect.  No more calls from angry store managers about the lawn not being mowed, no more surprise code violations from the city about that store that closed but still needs to be kept up, no more calls about garbage being mowed over in the spring.  We're on top of all of it for you.  

Straight Forward Pricing Options

We can do per push or per cut, seasonal, or year round pricing.  You choose what works for your budget and procurement/purchasing team.  In event of emergencies we also have competitive pricing for one-time emergency clean-ups or repairs,

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